Delphi, Micro Pack 100, Female Connector, 12110487

Delphi, Micro Pack 100, Female Connector, 12110487

Connector Cavities: 36

Delphi Micro-Pack Connectors are a family of electronic connections designed to meet the needs of low energy (<5 amps), high density applications. They can be packaged as headers or in-lines and are available unsealed or sealed. Filtered or shielded systems are available for protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). A 1 mm male pin is used in both the 100 Series (unsealed) and 100W Series (sealed) systems.
100 Series female terminal—utilizes a box design with four contact points
100W Series female—employs a sleeve configuration
Low energy (<5 amps), high density capabilities allow many electronic signals to be accommodated in one space saving connector
Filtered or shielded systems protect against EMI
3.0 mm to 3.5 mm centerlines accommodate applications where space is limited
Mechanical assist and bolt-together designs enable ergonomic assembly/disassembly
Improved one-piece (vs. two-piece) female terminal for sealed applications
Sealed version for excellent resistance to temperature, chemicals and abrasion (100W)
Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) for superior connection reliability


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