Delphi 12059472, Metri-Pack 150, Female Connector

Delphi 12059472, Metri-Pack 150, Female Connector

Connector Cavities: 7

Delphi Metri-Pack Connection Systems utilize internationally standardized male blade sizes, allowing for flexibility in design. Blade sizes range from 1.5 mm to 8 mm with current capability ranging from 14 to 60 amps.
Metri-Pack Connectors are designed to be compatible with processing techniques such as automated pull-to-seat and push-to-seat assembly, dual-stage crimping, load cell crimp inspection and automated part identification and orientation. Delphi Metri-Pack Connector systems with silver interface platings pass the SAE® (Society of Automotive Engineers) J2030* Heavy-Duty Electrical Connector Standard.
Ideal for low energy electronic circuits or power circuit applications, the Metri-Pack product line includes:
High-performance interconnects in sealed or unsealed versions
Custom-engineered direct connections to motors, switches, sensors and other devices
Environmentally sealed electronic headers with current capacity of 14 amps, designed for service in severe environments
Junction blocks and electrical centers


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