54200313 (15435333), FCI/Delphi, Apex 2.8, Male

54200313 (15435333), FCI/Delphi, Apex 2.8, Male

Connector Cavities: 3

Mates with FCI P/N 54200309

Delphi (FCI Automotive) high performance APEX® Series Wire Connectors are ideal for a harsh environment, including vibration, temperature extremes, and moisture. APEX is ideal for challenging automotive applications and other harsh environments such as construction and agriculture, due to the robust design and reliability.

Designed for outstanding performance, the Delphi Apex Series Wire Connectors feature a 2-piece "box and spring" female terminal with high normal force to ensure durability during vibration. Moisture and chemical resistance is achieved through a grommet sealed construction and automotive chemical-resistant resins. Extreme temperatures are tolerated through stress-relaxation resistant terminal alloys, precious metal plating options, and glass filled resins. Delphi's APEX housings are shipped pre-assembled and can endure rough handling via the protected latch and ring seal, and the scoop-proof housing designs.

APEX® Series Wire Connectors are especially well-suite for the rigorous demands of the automotive market, especially the engine and under-hood areas:

High temperature
Robust Design
Reliable long life


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